The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.




Installation of Wall Stickers/Decals

We suggest the use of two persons for any installation.

  1. Paint on the wall should not contain Teflon as any type of vinyl stickers will not adhere.
  2. We recommend that you paint the wall prior to application in a gloss enamel.
  3. Clean the surface – don’t use a cleaner for e.g. Mr Sheen etc.  Use a mild detergent, i.e. Morning Fresh –  at the ration of 100:1
  4. Ensure that the surface is completely dried.
  5. Decide where the sticker is to be mounted. Place sticker (with backing paper intact) on the wall to decide this. – insert pic
  6. When position is decided, put a small vertical mark with an omnichrom pencil (shopping cart) (as omnichrom marks can be wiped off with water) on the left hand corner of where the sticker will be placed on the wall and place a temporary mark on the right hand corner of where the sticker will be placed on the wall. – insert pic
  7. Once the position is marked – measure the distance from the floor to the left hand vertical mark and place a horizontal mark on the wall. –  insert pic
  8. The same measurement needs to be applied from the floor to the right hand mark.  This will create right and left corner mark which in turn will create a straight line for the sticker.
  9. The sticker should be turned over on the wall (the backing paper needs to face you) – insert pic
  10. Using firm pressure take the applicator (shopping cart) and use overlapping strokes with a sweeping motion across the sticker, this will ensure that the sticker is suitably adhered to the application tape.
  11. Holding the sticker on the wall take the top right hand corner and remove the backing  paper at a 45o (degree) angle with the backing paper pulling back as close as possible to the wall.  This needs to be done slowly ensuring that the sticker remains on the application tape. – insert pic
  12. After the backing paper is completely removed and the sticker is all on the application tape the sticker can be turned over, ensuring that it is held by all four corners away from the wall. Each person needs to hold one side i.e. person one – top right and bottom right, and person two top left and bottom left.
  13. Keep the sticker taut at all times, and ensure that the top two corners are kept away from the wall.  Place the left hand and right hand corners of the sticker on the corresponding marks on the wall. – insert pic
  14. Place the applicator with firm pressure on the bottom centre of the sticker and with firm pressure apply a sweeping motion towards the bottom left corner, then repeat from the bottom centre to the bottom right corner.
  15. Apply the same method (as above), working upwards, ensuring that each sweep overlaps the last, and keeping the sticker pulled taut at all times.
  16. As you are going up the sticker will gradually need to come closer to the wall.
  17. Once the complete sticker is applied you need to run the applicator from the top to the bottom (using the same method) to ensure that the sticker had adequately adhered to the wall, and that there is no air bubbles.
  18. From the top right hand corner carefully remove the application tape at a 45o angle – ensure that you keep the application tape close to the wall. – insert pic
  19. Whilst removing the tape ensure that none of the sticker is being removed, if this occurs use the applicator to hold the corner of the sticker down whilst removing the application tape.
  20. Once the application tape is completely removed, you can remove the omnichrom mark with a soft damp cloth
  21. Send us a photo of your great job, so you can appear on your wall of fame – for every picture that is posted on our site you will receive 10% off the cost of your next purchase from us.

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