The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.




Acrylic – This is often referred to as Perspex.  We use a clear product and digitally print onto the reverse side of this product.  This is a great versatile product, and can look great with a light behind it!

Applicator – A semi rigid plastic appliance that has felt wrapped on one end.  It is reusable and durable.  An applicator is used to apply a steady pressure on the vinyl wall graphic, without harming the graphic or affecting the finished product.

Canvas – we use a high quality artist canvas that can be digitally printed with solvent ink.

Composite Aluminium – A product that contains a thin sheet of aluminium on either side of a polyurethane core.  It is light and durable, and contemporary

Customise – you may change anything, it is entirely up to you

Digital Printing – a process where ink is laid down on a surface via a computer and printer process.

JPEG – A computer picture file that has been compressed in order for it to be both manipulated and transferred.  Most cameras produce JPEG images.

Mural – A large image that is applied directly to a wall or ceiling.

Omnichrom Pencil – A wood cased water soluble pencil, which can be wiped off most surfaces.  Made by Steadtler.

Personalise – you can change certain things in the image for example name and date of birth.

Photo Montage – The process that involves making a number of photographs into one image.  See for examples.

Trompe l’oeil – French for deceive the eye.  It is style of painting that gives the illusion of photographic reality. It will give the illusion of a 3d image.  Facades etc. are often done in this style.  It is great for creating an illusion of a larger space.  Some places in Europe have large sections of buildings painted in this style.  See for examples.

Vinyl (self-adhesive) – A self-adhesive product which can either be sold as a single colour or can be digitally printed on.  Self-adhesive vinyl will be shipped to you with a backing sheet, similar to a very large sticker.

Wall Decal – Wall sticker

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