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We will do a mural for you in any size, from the biggest wall to the smallest.
Our Murals are printed on a high quality vinyl that adheres superbly and is easy to install.

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Scences inspired by the natural world around us, these will be sure to liven up any room

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Places from around the world to adorn your home.

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Buildings and Icons

Iconic buildings and symbols from around the world to transform your walls and rooms

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These wall murals will reflect an idyllic lifestyle

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Our state of the art Wall Murals

You will be pleased that you chose to have your wall mural printed and manufactured with Designs for Me.  If used internally you will be sure to have a mural that will last a lifetime.

How do we manufacture our wall murals?

We digitally print all our wall murals on our state of the art digital printers.  Our standard murals are printed on a high quality gloss self-adhesive vinyl.  We can also custom order textured self-adhesive vinyl including canvas, contact us for a price on these special orders.

We apply a clear digital laminate film, free of charge, over every mural we produce.  This will significantly increase the longevity of your wall mural.  It will also ensure that upon application you will not scratch or damage your print.  Your print will then be protected fully against scratches, marks, and UV.  If you do get a mark on your print just wipe it off with a damp cloth.

We will send our wall murals to you by courier/post in a tube.  We will include a small scaled down version of your mural to use as a template.  Our mural is supplied in sections.  Each section is numbered, and has a joining line printed on them with an overlap.  Be sure to overlap each piece of the mural for good coverage.  Each mural is printed to your exact measurements.  As long as you start the first printed panel level, your print will fit the wall/measurements.  You will only need to trim the top and the bottom of the panels, after application, as we will have already pre trimmed the rest of the panel in our workshop.

We include easy to follow instructions,  with every mural.  These are also available on our website.  We have also developed a short clip which shows you how to install your self-adhesive vinyl wall mural.  Our vinyl will not left at the edges (if applied as per the instructions), therefore ensuring the longevity of your print.

How do you order?

Upload your image or use one of ours.  Not sure if your image is the right size – don’t worry you can crop it to your personal dimensions on our site when you order.

To use one of our images just select the image you like under murals.

To upload your own image (you can only upload a jpeg on our site, if you have another file type just send us an email and we can organise it via email for you) go to use your image and upload your image.  Remember that the larger the file the sharper the image, we recommend that your image be at least over 1mb, and bigger for larger murals.  Large images may take several minutes to load, so be patient and your image will come up in the size and options page.

  1. Select vinyl mural
  2. Enter your dimensions – if you are entering a large mural, a box may be displayed saying that it is bigger than the material (please ignore this);
  3. If you want to add any other touches you can add this in the personalise your design section
  4. You can then crop your image right on our site, you can only crop to the aspect ratio of the dimensions you have entered.  Ensure you check to see if you have to crop your image to fit your wall dimensions
  5. Make your way to our shopping cart to finalise your order.

Is there anything else?

We strongly recommend that you purchase the installation materials for your mural, we sell these in a kit or individually.  If you don’t want to by the whole kit, we would suggest you purchase the applicator, as this is imperative when installing any self-adhesive vinyl wall mural.

Why not have a look at our examples page for a few examples of wall murals.

Please contact us if you have any further questions for queries


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