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Wall Mural

Custom wall mural

Fully customised and personalised wall mural

This month we would love to showcase our wonderful wall murals.

We have a small gallery where you can choose one of our images.  If you don’t find the image you are looking for feel free to visit our friends at Graphic Leftovers and Vector Stock, where you can purchase a stock image for low cost.  You can then upload this image to our site and custom order your personalised individual mural.

Our personalised murals, will ensure that your space is unique.  All you have to do is upload your image, select vinyl wall mural, enter your walls dimensions and crop your image (if necessary).  It is that simple.

When we receive your order we will personally manufacture your wall mural to your specifications.

Your mural is sent to you ready to install, we include written instructions with every package we send.

View our mural installation video.

Types of Wall Murals:

  • painted
  • wall paper
  • self-adhesive vinyl

Pro’s and Con’s of each type:


    1. Pros – Each one is individual; Hand painted piece of artwork
    2. Cons – Very costly; Difficult to find a good artist; Marks are difficult to remove; Permanent (unless you paint over it); Damage easily; Can take days to finish.
  1. Wall Paper
    1. Pros – Cheapest; more easily removed
    2. Cons – Limited availability of designs; Not personalised; A print would probably need to be hung by a professional; Can come away at the edges over time; Can mark easily; Damage easily; only comes up to 600mm wide – therefore a lot more joins per wall per length.
  2. Self Adhesive Vinyl
    1. Pros – Cheaper; Easy to install; scratch; UV and Mark resistant; Can have any design, photo or image you want by using print on demand companies; Completely personalised; Can have any size you want; Can come up to 1200mm wide; can be joined to suit the image, i.e. you can make sure that you have a join at a certain point for example a vertical line; Can have various media textures, including canvas and other textures; can be used on most surfaces including glass and acrylic.
    2. Cons – If removed after 6 months, could pull the paint off the wall, not as cheap as wall paper.

If properly cared for, our self-adhesive vinyl wall murals will last a lifetime!

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