The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.




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    Acrylic Clocks

    These clocks are digitally printed in reverse, on acrylic, with the clock mechanims inserted into the acrylic. They hang easily on the wall.

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    Canvas Clocks

    These clocks are made from artists canvas that is streched over a wooden frame. They hang easily for a quick and simple installation

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    Custom Clocks

    Personalised clocks, with your picture and details. Your clock just for you.

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    Multi Photo Clocks

    Add a multitude of photos to this photo collage made just for you.

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    Vinyl Decal Clocks

    These clocks are vinyl decals which adhere to your desired surface. The clock face then sits on top of this and is removable. The beauty of these clocks is that they can be changed easily and at a low cost when your decor or tastes change. You can buy the decals separately. They hang easily for a quick and simple installation

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