The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Wall Murals will add style and character to your living room

Self-adhesive vinyl wall mural

Block colour feature walls were so 90’s.  Bold patterns, designs and images will add a touch of class to your living room.  A vinyl wall mural is the perfect answer, they are easy to install, no maintenance and best of all look realistic and creative.  We apply our state of the art clear laminate . . . → Read More: Wall Murals will add style and character to your living room

Your child’s art on canvas

Canvas art is child’s play

We are a family business, where everyone is involved including the kids.  So as mums we understand how precious the memories and the achievements of your child can be.

When your child is at school or day care they bring home a large number of paintings which they are . . . → Read More: Your child’s art on canvas

Canvas Print with Polaroid Collage Effect

This collage is not only eye catching but a true work of art, especially when printed on canvas

The polaroid theme has really got my creative juices flowing this evening.  I decided that I would make a collage for a digital canvas print of one of my photos.  This effect is very contemporary and takes any old photograph to the next level to become a true canvas artwork.

I haven’t created a . . . → Read More: Canvas Print with Polaroid Collage Effect

Polaroid Collage Canvas

I am just loving the Polaroid look, especially on for canvas prints.

I have decided to do up a collage for myself in this style, I loved it so much that I have added it to our templates.

If you would like to have a look at the new templates I have just added . . . → Read More: Polaroid Collage Canvas

Old School Polaroid

Vintage polariod canvas

Seeing Polaroid photographs, takes me straight back to my childhood.  Any photograph that is digitally edited into this effect adds a touch of a bygone era.  This type of canvas print would be a great addition to any home that has that vintage or shabby chic theme.

Personally I feel that this style suits . . . → Read More: Old School Polaroid

Polaroid Vintage Effect

We have just added this great new template.  You can either use this on its own, from our Vintage template section, or you can request this as part of a photo collage or as part of a larger photo compilation.

We have added a vintage effect to this image, but remember that you can . . . → Read More: Polaroid Vintage Effect

Our Canvas Print range is more than you could imagine

We are more than just an online print on demand service

At Designs for Me we strive to given our Australian customers an extra service.  We love to print your special memories on canvas, acrylic and self adhesive vinyl, but we also want to help those of you who want that little bit . . . → Read More: Our Canvas Print range is more than you could imagine

Super Father's Day Canvas Print Special

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We are fully aware of the pressures of daily living, but we feel that lifes little luxurys should not be that out of reach.  For that reason we offer regular heft discounts for our . . . → Read More: Super Father’s Day Canvas Print Special

What is digital printing

Digital Printing

It is basically where a digital image is printed directly onto media.  The main difference between this method and printing and other traditional methods is that it doesn’t require printing plates.  So what type of digital printing do we do?  We use a state of the art mimaki roll to roll . . . → Read More: What is digital printing?

More for Less

Suzi’s financial crisis!

Looks like we are all in for a bit of a tough time.  No wonder I try and avoid the news, and put my head in the sand.  But it seems we are heading for another recession.  Especially when you read articles like this  in the Herald sun.  or even this . . . → Read More: More for less