The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Canvas Print with Polaroid Collage Effect

This collage is not only eye catching but a true work of art, especially when printed on canvas

The polaroid theme has really got my creative juices flowing this evening.  I decided that I would make a collage for a digital canvas print of one of my photos.  This effect is very contemporary and takes any old photograph to the next level to become a true canvas artwork.

I haven’t created a . . . → Read More: Canvas Print with Polaroid Collage Effect

Polaroid Vintage Effect

We have just added this great new template.  You can either use this on its own, from our Vintage template section, or you can request this as part of a photo collage or as part of a larger photo compilation.

We have added a vintage effect to this image, but remember that you can . . . → Read More: Polaroid Vintage Effect

Baby Shower

Baby Shower picture

Would you like to give your special friend a gift that they will never forget for their baby shower? Why not try something like this – you could use your own design or upload one of our templates!

This is a forever gift!

. . . → Read More: Baby Shower

Add a special touch to your image

We took some nice photos of children and made them a perfect gift for  their Nana.

By just adding some wording “”To Nana”” and some handprints.

This was very easy to do, just get your children to do some handprints in some child friendly paint on some paper.  Let this dry and scan the . . . → Read More: Add a special touch to your image

What can we do?

Do you have three photos lying around, that are nice, but not special enough for the wall?

We did!


Using all the features on our site and our personal artwork editor we developed this.

This will immortalise any memory, and make a great feature!

We made a triptych of these photos, placed . . . → Read More: What can we do?

Black and White with Colour

We can make your image unique and special by making your colour image black and white and leaving certain parts of the photo in colour. This is a great timeless look. You don’t have to bother with any time consuming image management, just send us the photo using the use your image interface.  Just . . . → Read More: Black and White with Colour