The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Your photos to wall art

Making your own wall art

I always feel a great sense of pride when someone comes into my home and admires my artwork, especially when i say to them I took that shot, or I made that.  Like many of us I am a keen amateur photographer.  It is a hobby that fills me . . . → Read More: Your photos to wall art

Urban Teen Room Ideas

Bedroom Ideas for your modern teenager!

Let’s face it for those of us with teens decorating their rooms can be a challenge. It is an age when we love to express ourselves and we are just beginning to find our tastes in designs. Letting your teenager loose on designing their own room, might be . . . → Read More: Urban Teen Room Ideas

Family Tree Wall

The pictures that we display in our homes of our family and friends are an integral part of any home décor.  The moments that we spend with our loved ones are among the most special in our lives and are the ones that shape who we are.  A few beautiful photos printed on a . . . → Read More: Family Tree Wall

Murals and canvas art make great Christmas Decorations

Wall murals are a great way to change the feel of any room.  Why not use this technique to your advantage over the festive period by adding a wall mural, or even a mural to a window.  This type of mural can transform your Christmas into a winter wonderland.  Imagine sitting in your lounge . . . → Read More: Murals and canvas art make great Christmas Decorations

365 day project, photo challenge and competition 2012

Here at Designs for Me we are all about expressing yourself, and decorating your home and space your way, and with images that represent who you are.  I have had a busy Christmas and New Year Period, and with the passing of one of my beloved Cocker Spaniels, it has become even more important . . . → Read More: 365 day project, photo challenge and competition 2012

Wall Murals for Kids Rooms

Little girl wall mural

Wall Murals for Kids

Decorating your child’s room is not only exciting, but can add excitement to any child’s room.  When deciding on how to decorate your child’s room you should first look at the furniture that is in your child’s room and how it is arranged.  It is no good having a wall . . . → Read More: Wall Murals for Kids Rooms

Enjoy our blog posts

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As well as our newsletter we are also on Facebook and Twitter and have our regular blogs posted here for your information.  We aim to provide high quality information pertaining to interior decoration/design, photography, and digital printing.  Our newsletter and Facebook . . . → Read More: Enjoy our blog posts?

Digiclear laminate service

laminate for canvas

Digiclear laminate for your canvas prints

Digiclear laminate for canvas prints

We recommend that all digitally printed canvas have a coat of digiclear laminate applied to them.  This laminate is a superb product and will provide lifelong protection for our precious memory.  The digiclear will provide UV protection, as well as making the . . . → Read More: Digiclear laminate service

Canvas Art

Is your child’s art worth framing?

We had posted a blog earlier in the year discussing putting your child’s artwork on canvas.  This topic was recently covered in the media.  The Courier Mail published an article on the 12/9/2011 “Art painted by children fetching thousands of dollars”.  While I agree with the comments in the article . . . → Read More: Canvas Art!

Canvas Prints

Gallery Wrap

Canvas Print designs

There are two main ways to have your canvas art finished off.

1.  Gallery wrap;

2. Border.


At Designs for Me we offer both these styles.

Gallery Wrap

A gallery wrapped canvas is one where the sides of the image wrap around the timber frame.  If you are having this . . . → Read More: Canvas Prints