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Your photos to wall art

Making your own wall art

I always feel a great sense of pride when someone comes into my home and admires my artwork, especially when i say to them I took that shot, or I made that.  Like many of us I am a keen amateur photographer.  It is a hobby that fills me with pleasure and helps me to wind down and relax.  I though am no different to everyone else in the digital age, where I have thousands of wonderful images, sitting on storage devices.

Although I have access to commercial digital printing equipment, I rarely print up my own pictures.  My husband has been pestering me to print up some of my images and put them our wall.  So after much pestering I did finally print an image.

My recently acquired Nikon micro lens is my new pride and joy and I have been spending as much time as I can attempting to master the art of macro photography.  I love large macro shots as artwork, as I feel that it is a way of us entering a world that shows us the smallest details.  I have large wall in my lounge room perfect for this type of shot.

While I love canvas, at the moment I have a real preference to acrylic artwork.  I feel that he sleek lines of acrylic and the numerous ways to hang them are a great advantage.  I have a contemporary home so I feel that the use of acrylic artwork is more in keeping with this style.

There are several advantages to acrylic artwork over canvas artwork.

  • Easier to clean
  • More durable
  • The colour is brighter and more vivid when printed on acrylic
  • It gives a contemporary feel
  • Not bulky off the wall like a canvas print or a  photo frame
  • Can be mounted with stand offs, back hung or for small prints can be adhered to the wall using Velcro

This is my macro shot of a wild passionfruit flower that I have had printed on acrylic and mounted on the wall with 4 screws and chrome caps over the screws.


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