The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

What is digital printing

Digital Printing

It is basically where a digital image is printed directly onto media.  The main difference between this method and printing and other traditional methods is that it doesn’t require printing plates.  So what type of digital printing do we do?  We use a state of the art mimaki roll to roll printer, with solvent ink.  With this printer we can print directly onto media (only those that come in a roll) via printer heads that spray the correct colour onto the media.

The JV 3 series from Mimaki is an exceptional printer that offers several advantages to us over many of our competitors.  It allows us to deliver a truly high quality print of 1,440 dpi.  We print in 4 colour (CMYK – Cyan, magenta, yellow and kaffir) in bidirectional mode, with dots of different sizes that produce smooth high resolution graphics without any grainy effect.  The triple stage heater of the machine means that we have a superior ink performance with a quick drying time and fast take up of printed media.







We also use 16 bit rendering, so you won’t have lines or stepping in your print – you will have one smooth continuous image.There are two types of inks that can be used in digital printing aqueous (water) inks or solvent inks.  We only use solvent inks, this means that it is weather resistant and largely scratch resistant and will last years.  Which aqueous ink is not and has a very short life span.   It should be noted, that solvent ink is safe and an environmentally sound alternative.  It is important when you are making an investment in having your special memories printed or using printed media to decorate in and around your home that you investigate the process that the company you are using undertakes to print their images.


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