The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Wall Murals will add style and character to your living room

Block colour feature walls were so 90’s.  Bold patterns, designs and images will add a touch of class to your living room.  A vinyl wall mural is the perfect answer, they are easy to install, no maintenance and best of all look realistic and creative.  We apply our state of the art clear laminate over every mural we print (free of charge), and this will add scratch & UV resistance and ensure that most marks will literally just wipe off.

Many homes now have large expanses of walls, which are without windows or doors – so why not add one.  Imagine a door that opens out onto your balcony, canal and private boat (at a fraction of the cost).

Self-adhesive vinyl wall mural

Sit back and relax

One customer recently added a tropical garden to her wall, and gave the illusion of a window by adding a timber architrave.  One of the great advantages is that a wall mural garden will stay green all year and doesn’t require any watering or pruning.

We are going to redecorate one of our offices – we thought stone might be nice.  We don’t want to have the cost of a stone mason, we want limited mess and it to be finished in a timely fashion.   A printed vinyl wall mural is definitely the answer.   The stone mural we printed looks so lifelike and for a fraction of the cost and installation time.  Maybe stone is not for you, what about timber panelling for your wall, that only takes an hour or so to install.  We couldn’t decide between the two originally, but in the end the stone came up trumps.  We have printed it but haven’t put it up yet, we will be sure to show you the finished product.

Some ideas we have come up with are:

  • Recurring patterns, stripes, stone, timber etc.;
  • Landscapes;
  • Windows ;
  • Doors;
  • Special Memories

Our customers have been sending us some great murals lately to print up.  So why not get the creative juices flowing and add a new dimension to your living room with a Wall Mural from Designs for Me.  Even if you don’t have your own image, there are many stock image companies out there that will allow you to purchase high quality images from them.  Ensure that you send us the highest quality image you can, as the higher quality and larger the file the better the end print will be.

We look forward to seeing your great ideas through our print shop soon.

Have a great day



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