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Urban Teen Room Ideas

Bedroom Ideas for your modern teenager!

Let’s face it for those of us with teens decorating their rooms can be a challenge. It is an age when we love to express ourselves and we are just beginning to find our tastes in designs. Letting your teenager loose on designing their own room, might be a daunting experience for many of us. It doesn’t have to be. Why not let them get their creative juices flowing and design a mural for their room. Many teens these days are very artistic and what a better way to express themselves and show off their art than to display it in their room. For those that are computer savy, they may be able to produce a great graphic image on many of the available graphic editing programs that are available on the market. If so, then all they have to do is save it as a vector file, in at least 300dpi, in the size that they want, or at least the aspect ratio. You can then contact us or order online via our online ordering system, all you need is your image and wall size.
If your teen is not so tech savvy or prefers the old fashioned techniques of pen, brush or spray then they can produce their design and either take a high res photo or scan the image and send it to us electronically or via our online ordering system. Keep in mind those images that we have received that have been scanned won’t be able to be produced in as large a mural, unless you are happy with some pixilation’s.

I have placed some idea for urban teens on our Pinterest site.
I just love this idea, and especially over the school holidays it is a great way to keep your teen busy for at least a day or so.
Happy designing!
Claire Cox

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