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Photo Composition for your print or mural

Turn your photos into works of art for your wall!

We all want to remember those special times and have them immortalised in film.  So, what is the difference between a good photo and a great photo?  Photo composition is the key.  A dedicated photographer will spend much of their time making sure that the composition of their photo is perfect.  If we follow a few of these simple rules we can have precious memories on our walls that compliment and accentuate your décor.

1.    Rule of thirds:

This is the most well know and one of the most important.  This alone will improve your photos dramatically.  Imagine that your image is divided into 9 equal segments – 3 across and 3 down.  Place your object where there thirds intersect.  See picture below.


Image of little girl in thirds both horizontally and vertically. This is more appealing to the eye and more interesting.

The sunset has added balance to the yacht. If the photo didn't contain the sunset is wouldn't be balanced and would look a bit odd.












2.    Lines

Lines in a scene will draw your eye through the image.  Be they straight, or curvy, lines are interesting and will only enhance a print.  You should ensure that the lines end at the corner of a photo.

The line made by this wave takes the observers eye through the photograph.









3.    Patterns

Patterns are evident all around us, we should use them to their full potential, by emphasizing these patterns.

These sort of patterns are all around and make for very interesting subjects. See how the rule of thirds still applies.










4.    Symmetry

Even though according to the rule of thirds we should not place images in the centre of the photograph.  A symmetrical image can make a photo very interesting and inviting.

By using symmetry and lines, this rather "boring elevator" has morphed into a very interesting subject. The lines and the symmetry draw your eye right to the back of the image almost making it 3D.














5.    Depth of field

You can drastically improve your photo by changing the depth of field.  Either focusing on the image I the foreground, or in the background.

By focusing on the flowers in the foreground, the background becomes more 'blurry' therefore increasing the depth of field - making the flowers look further forward.











Try some of these techniques and compare the difference in your photo composition.  Why not send Designs for Me some of your photos we would love to see them.


We will give a prize for the best photo, so get snapping.


Have a great day, chat soon


Designs for Me

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