The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Our Canvas Print range is more than you could imagine

We are more than just an online print on demand service

At Designs for Me we strive to given our Australian customers an extra service.  We love to print your special memories on canvas, acrylic and self adhesive vinyl, but we also want to help those of you who want that little bit extra.  Our niche print on demand service has no boundaries, the limitations are endless, let your imagination be your only guide.

So, why not give us one or a few of your photos, and we can make them into a canvas that is even more special.  We have the latest photo and image editing software and are more than happy to make those professional changes to your canvas prints.

With three photos we can make a photo collage or triptych on canvas or other media that will have all your friends asking which photographer you went to.

Once canvas print, from three photos












We also have some great film strip templates that can add numerous images to – these are perfect for weddings and photos of your children.  Have a quick look at some of the film stip templates we have in our gallery ready to go – all you need to do is upload your images.

Film strip photo template picture












Or maybe it is just the negative template you are after.

Negative template photo












What about this great vintage template – it will add some olde worlde charm to any canvas print.  Have a quick sneek peek at our vintage templates.

Vintage photo template


























What about a making your favourite image into a poster format, just by adding a boarder and a caption.

Poster style for your photo


















We can also add text of your choice to any canvas print – all you have to do is specify the text, size, font, colour and placement and we will do the rest.  This type of canvas will make a fantastic gift for anyone.  You can’t find just the right words to add to you image, why not have a look at our quotes and slogans, we have a large variety of slogans, quotes and poems ready for just this sort of personalisation.

Adding text to your canvas, will make it even more special


















At Designs for Me we understand that there are those special occassions in life when you want to have that little something extra, or maybe you want to purchase something unique and memorable for your loved ones.  We specialise in canvas’ for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and christenings. Contact us with your ideas, and we can make it a reality for you.

Special canvas print with text for anniversary


















Don’t forget about other service that we can offer:

This though is my absolute favourite, it is exemplary of a modern contemporary canvas style which can be completely personalised, so it will mean more to you.   We all cherish our holidays, so why not immortalise the whole holiday with a canvas print that contains the names of your holiday destinations – this would also make a great gift idea.

City and Place names on Canvas




























So why not have a bit of a look through your photos on that external hard drive that is packed away in the corner and immortalise those memories in a canvas print from Designs for Me Australia.  Don’t worry if you don’t have digital copies, you can organise to send Designs for Me Australia the original and we will digitise it and re-sample the image so you can have your favourite Kodak print on your wall for the rest of your lifetime.

We don’t adhere to the rules, and are happy to work with you while you have your creative juices flowing, we will be there with you every step of your canvas print process, and at the end you will have a personalised canvas print of your photograph.

Have look at some other examples of our work:

Personalised photo clock, canvas or acrylic



















Children's hand prints on canvas














Or maybe you know that someone who thinks we is ‘Arnie’.

Man to Arnie



























Your ‘Imagination is the only Limitation’.

Hope that has got you all thinking.

Have a great day.




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