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New Season Living Room Makeover

Thank God it’s Monday!  Not often do we think that.  But what a weekend!

Tony and I are busy getting ourselves organized for a big Easter weekend of redecorating.  We just had a busy weekend of getting ourselves prepared for the big event!  I can’t wait until it is all done.  It is just amazing how just a few changes and a coat of paint will change the whole feel of the house.

The retail therapy involved was exciting, although it did take while for us to find the right pieces for our living room make over.  Finally, after a long day of searching we finally found exactly what we wanted!

Look at what we found…












Three of these are going to be our pendent lights to hang over our existing breakfast bar.  These will make a great addition, and add some much need light into the room.  We purchased these on sale, so they won’t break the bank.  I love a good sale!




Eventually, as the day was coming to a close we finally found the lamp base we were after at Freedom Furniture.  But with me being the picky designer that I am, I wasn’t able to find the right lamp shade that I needed, so our search continued.  Our persistence paid off and we found this great textured chocolate shade, these warm colours are going to look great off our new warm green walls (that’s right your heard me green!).  Dulux Paints Scott’s Pine to be exact, it is a great colour, a lovely warm green which all our chocolate and tan colours are going to complement.


Dulux Scott Pine - NB not our furniture

Amazing how some key lighting and a coat of paint can change the feel of the entire house!  It is going to be a busy Easter and we just can’t wait.   This type of transformation is not costly, with all the materials and accessories coming in under budget at $600.

We will post some pictures and keep you informed of our progress.  We will post some before pictures in the next day or two so keep an eye out for the before and afters.

Now all I have to do it find the right artwork, I am thinking something with an Asian feel, as they have all the colours I need to tie it all together.



Hope you all have a great week, and the school holidays are kind to you.

Suzi – Interior Designer, Designs for Me.

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