The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Murals and canvas art make great Christmas Decorations

Wall murals are a great way to change the feel of any room.  Why not use this technique to your advantage over the festive period by adding a wall mural, or even a mural to a window.  This type of mural can transform your Christmas into a winter wonderland.  Imagine sitting in your lounge room looking out a faux window that shows you knee deep in snow and ice.

Christmas murals and canvas prints can add a great festive touch to your room.  If you want to reuse your Christmas scene for next year why not ask us about our banner material and we can make a festive scene for you that can be taken down and reused next year.  This material is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  Imagine the flexibility you could have – why not make your own nativity set with a banner for a background featuring the city of Bethlehem and the evening star.  Decorate it with some fairy lights and you have a Christmas scene to rival any of your nneighbours

All our products can be used as Christmas themed products, it could be the cutting edge you need to take out your neighbourhood Christmas light competition.

What about these graphics for some ideas.

Let these ideas get the creative juices flowing and help you to create your own unique christmas theme


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