The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Image gallery has just increased

Thanks to those of you that have recently participated in our website survey.  We really appreciate your comments, and have taken them on board.  One of the major comments we received was that we didn’t always have the images that you were looking for.  We have rectified this by adding links to a couple of great sites – Vector Stock and Graphic Leftovers.

  • Vector stock is great for all your vector images, and this style of image is great for wall murals, so let your imagination run wild.
  • Graphic leftovers, has both photo and vector images.  It should also be noted that some photo images will not be useful for larger canvases and walls – you will need to look at the pixels and the size of the image.

If you need help deciding on the correct image to purchase just contact us and we can advise you of the correct size, and even if that image might go with your decor.

So, how do you get an image from these sites?

It is really simple…

  1. Click on the ‘Can’t find what you are looking for’ graphic that is contained in most of the gallery pages.  A new tab will then open with either Graphic leftovers or Vector Stock (depending on who you selected).  You can then scroll through their images, leaving the Designs for Me tab open in your browser;
  2. Once you have found the image you would like to use, then you just need to purchase the image from Graphic Leftovers or Vector Stock, as per their instructions.  The image is yours and you will always own it now that you have purchased it – which is great for you;
  3. You then just upload your new image into the site via the use your image link that is on the Designs for Me page (to the left of the graphic), or from the top menu bar.

It is really that easy.

We would love to hear your feedback as to how this system works for you, if you have any queries, question and of course improvements please let us know.

Our graphic for more images


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