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Home decorating wish list via the internet!

Do you ever have one of those days when you do some “internet” window shopping, and dream?  What is on your wish list?

Well I have been doing some recently, and you won’t believe some of the most amazing interior items I have found.  These are the most amazing bathtubs I have ever seen.  Can you imagine having a glass of wine in your very own shoe bath, or while you relax in a tub full of bubbles  fish are swimming beside you saying hi?  Well I can most definitely picture myself taking some well deserved ‘me’ time in one of these.

Every little girl, or even every big girl wants to have a horse, but how many of us have the space, time or money to keep one?  If this is you then this is your answer – your very own life size horse lamp, what isn’t there to love.  I hear what you are saying, and yes it might not be the right piece for every home, but what about in a groovy bar, wouldn’t it be just amazing – can you not see it in the Bird Cage at Flemmington this year for the Cup?

What about this most amazing chair , everyone needs a chair that is trying to escape and walk up the wall, don’t they?  Or the blood table , hard to believe but it is actually a table.  Both such amazing quirky pieces.

Lets not forget the garden,  how about this for landscape gardening, you backyard would certainly be the envy of all your friends, but maybe you would need a full time gardener to keep this garden looking great.  I suppose it is not entirely practical, but we can all dream can’t we?

But let me leave you with one site I love, Ralph Lauren Home.  I have this on my wish list hoping that one day I will have my own piece from his collection .  I used to sell these beautiful pieces of furniture, and adore every classical and timeless piece he has to offer.

Happy shopping, and watch your wish list grow.


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