The Catalogue covers standard items such as stickers, slogans and mural installation materials.

Your child’s art on canvas

Canvas art is child’s play

We are a family business, where everyone is involved including the kids.  So as mums we understand how precious the memories and the achievements of your child can be.

When your child is at school or day care they bring home a large number of paintings which they are so proud.  Unfortunately there is only so much room on the fridge and the fridge being in such a busy room of the house is not conducive to looking after these masterpiece’s.

So why not scan them, convert them to a jpeg file and send them to us to have them made into beautiful canvases.  You could even make a collage of several of their masterpiece’s.

Here are some that Suzy did from her boy’s finger painting.

They look great and the memories that they will conjure up are priceless.

Your childs first masterpiece!

Forever on display

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