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Family Tree Wall

The pictures that we display in our homes of our family and friends are an integral part of any home décor.  The moments that we spend with our loved ones are among the most special in our lives and are the ones that shape who we are.  A few beautiful photos printed on a canvas and displayed on your wall can make a room.  Whereas a lifetime of images strewn over every space in the house can make any room look cluttered and overly busy.

When couples first go out on their own together, the images that are displayed in their homes are few and far between, with much of them being pictures of places or maybe a special holiday.  As we evolve into a more complex family with children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews we have many more of these special events that are often too precious to be put in an album or more likely these days stored on a hard drive.

I am now at this stage in my life.  With two small children and a love of photography, I am now finding that I have a plethora of digital images that are just begging to be displayed.  I have also had some precious family members pass on and would love a way to display their memories on a wall.  The idea of a wall based family tree pictorial was certainly the answer for me.  At the moment I am at the stage where I have printed the digital images and had these displayed in frames.  I like the look of photo frames in some circumstances, but acrylic or canvas prints would look equally as nice.  I then looked for a (family) tree image that I could have cut out and placed on a wall as a mural.  The pictures are then displayed on the branches of these trees.  I have gone for more of a whimsical look and for this reason the formal placement of family members in their hierarchy didn’t seem to suit this style, so I have use a more random approach.  I have also used images of different sizes and photographic finishes, some being black and white, some vivid colour and some are black and white with colour accents.

This is the tree picture that I am having printed as a mural on my wall. I have then added pictures in frames on top of this to add some dimension to the display. I have used different photo frames and different types of photographic finishes for the individual photos.


I was lucky to have a big enough wall to display my images as well as a wall mural.  Many of us though are limited for size or a living in rented accommodation.  For those people a similar project can be done on a large canvas or acrylic where the images are placed into either frames or dedicated areas on a family tree.

I love this concept, and as yet have not placed the mural up on our wall, but will be finishing of this project in the coming months, I will be sure to post a picture when I have finished.

So, when you are next going through your family photos or your holiday pics why not investigate the idea of a family tree wall or artwork.  It will add style to your home and ensure that those precious memories are on show.

This family tree could be used as a single print either mural, canvas or acrylic with the images added into the frames

This is another example of a family tree, where images can be added to a Polaroid style frame.

By Claire Cox

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