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Wall Murals for Kids Rooms

Wall Murals for Kids

Decorating your child’s room is not only exciting, but can add excitement to any child’s room.  When deciding on how to decorate your child’s room you should first look at the furniture that is in your child’s room and how it is arranged.  It is no good having a wall mural that is going to be covered up with beds and cupboards.  Are there windows and doors in the way?

You then need to decide what sort of print you would like for your child, and is that design going to last them a few years or is it just a fad.  For this reason sometimes generic scenes may be ideal.  You may decide that you want to go with a theme, for example a pirates room for a little boy.  You might have found the perfect curtains and linen, and want to tie that into the rest of the room.  With our customised wall murals for kids this is very achievable.

After you decide on what image you are after, I would have a look at many of the stock image companies websites and find an image that suits your kids needs.

The example I have used is a fairy toadstool image that I found on Shutterstock.  I paid and downloaded it.  Next I have to measure my wall – ensure before you download that you pick the right aspect ratio for your wall – my wall is longer than it is high so that is the type of image that I purchased.  Once you have got the measurements of you wall all you need to do is upload your image and your measurement on the use your image page on our website and get a price and order your wall mural.

Little girl wall mural

Fairy garden wall mural

A few fairy trinkets, maybe a lamp and a matching rug will ensure that your little girl spends most of her nights in her own fairy garden.

By Claire Cox

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