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Canvas Prints

Canvas Print designs

There are two main ways to have your canvas art finished off.

1.  Gallery wrap;

2. Border.


At Designs for Me we offer both these styles.

Gallery Wrap

A gallery wrapped canvas is one where the sides of the image wrap around the timber frame.  If you are having this sort of finish, the actual physical area that is printed with your image will be larger, so as to allow for the approximately 2 cm that will be wrapped around the edge.

This type of finish is not appropriate for all images, for example those with people that are close to the edge.  As you may end up wrapping the person around the frame and making the print look incomplete or incorrect.  You may also not want this look and want your print to have a border on the outside edge.



You can have a border in either black or white.  In our experience the black border does appear to finish off the image better than a white one.  When we do this sort of border the physical printed size of your image will be the face of the frame or the size that you have entered.

Specify the type of finish

Unless you specify in the size and options page as to what sort of finish you want, we will make the decision on what is most suitable for the image that we have printed.

To specify gallery wrap or border, please include this in the additional instructions text box on the size and options page.

Gallery Wrap

Gallery Wrap of a canvas print

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