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Digiclear laminate service

Digiclear laminate for your canvas prints

laminate for canvas

Digiclear laminate for canvas prints

We recommend that all digitally printed canvas have a coat of digiclear laminate applied to them.  This laminate is a superb product and will provide lifelong protection for our precious memory.  The digiclear will provide UV protection, as well as making the product scratch resistant.  It will also enable you to wipe your print down with a damp cloth or static cloth should it gather dust.  It will also protect your product during transit and if you have to pack it up when you move.

The cost for this service is $5.00 per print.  You can order the digiclear laminate service through the catalog when you purchase your print.

We have also found that the digiclear does add a gloss look to your print and it also seems to enhance the colour, which is especially great for those prints that have vibrant colours.

I would not have a canvas in my home that wasn’t digicleared.  It should also be noted that because it is applied wet, we will not be able to pack your product until 24 hours after the laminate is applied, so please expect an extra day for dispatch.


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