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Canvas Art

Is your child’s art worth framing?

We had posted a blog earlier in the year discussing putting your child’s artwork on canvas.  This topic was recently covered in the media.  The Courier Mail published an article on the 12/9/2011 “Art painted by children fetching thousands of dollars”.  While I agree with the comments in the article regarding parents paying large sums of money for their child’s artwork is probably a bit crazy.  I do feel that if it is a roundabout way of making a donation to the school, then there is probably no harm done.

I do feel that the comment from Mr Shaw that your child’s art if fridge magnet material, is not entirely true.  Because all of us that have children know that those paintings from school, kindy and day care can soon clog up the fridge and are constantly getting in the way.  So while I agree that we should not be paying thousands for our child’s art, I do feel that having a canvas made of your child’s art might be the sensible option.  Of course, it would be impracticable for you to display or frame all of them, but one that represents a special occasion would not only make a nice addition to your home, but would help to make these precious moments last a lifetime.

Your children are only young and innocent once in their lives, therefore I feel that as parents it would be a travesty if we didn’t try to hold onto that for just a while longer.  Anyway, food for thought.

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